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Into the busy season – 5 tips for selling your home!

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020

Don’t miss out on March if you want to sell in 2020 …

We are now into the high gears at So You Property and we’re really enjoying getting busy and seeing buyers and sellers getting the keys to lovely new homes. We need more houses & flats to sell and we’re going to maintain our launch offer price until Easter but it must end then. If you are impressed with what you’ve been hearing AND you want to take up an outstanding £799 including VAT and viewings, then the days are running out!

What’s more, this really is the high season and irrespective of price you really shouldn’t miss out on getting your home into the Rightmove online shop window in March.

We continue to offer an absolutely unbeatable level of energy and customer care …

  • We are answering calls and texts whenever they come in – even late at night!
  • We are giving viewers a fantastic hosted experience with no rushing and always in the company of someone who already knows the answers to their questions.
  • We make it easy for people to choose and buy YOUR home.

However, if you’ve taken the time to click on this blog, you deserve more than me just banging on about how great we are. So I thought I’d talk a little about how you, as a vendor, can make the viewing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. Remember that if you sell your property with us then you are our customer … but the viewers are not just our customers but yours too!

Here are our Five Tips to help viewers get a good feeling when they see your home …

  1. Shiny is good – In the kitchen, try to clear as much of the work surface as possible. Put kitchen gadgets into cupboards. Give counter-tops, hobs, taps and sinks a wipe-clean. Show the space!
  2. People are really interested in your bathroom – Don’t spend all your time making that kitchen spick & span but then end up doing a two-minute job in the bathroom. Try to see it how the viewers see it. Bottles, jars, soap-bars and open toothpaste tubes can be cleared into a cupboard or temporarily just thrown into a carrier bag and hidden elsewhere. As in the kitchen, try to show clean lines and shiny surfaces.
  3. De-clutter - This doesn’t mean putting grandpa’s old chair into storage … it means that you need to really see those day to day items that you (and especially kids) leave lying around all over the place. You can become blind to football boots (and socks!), shoes, toys, school-bags, pet-beds, litter trays and all sorts of things. A room really can look much smaller than it is simply due to the amount of ‘stuff’ in plain view.
  4. Gently de-personalise - You don’t need to take all your photos off the walls but if you have a surface or two that’s covered in personal items such as photographs then hide them away until the viewers depart. We want them to imagine themselves in the home as their own, rather than feeling they’re intruding into yours.
  5. Plump up the cushions - In the lounge and the bedrooms, make sure that cushions and pillows are plumped and straight. Sofas shouldn’t look as if you’ve just jumped up from watching a movie. Duvets need to be as flat and tidy as possible. Make rooms look inviting. A sofa needs to say “sit here” rather than “someone sits here a lot”.

I hope this helps. We always get to our viewings early and the house is usually vacated when we arrive so there are some things we can do (like straightening up a sofa) but you will really help yourself to sell your home if you think about the 5 tips above.

As ever, thanks for reading!


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